Novem Ra System Maintenance

3Body Orbitals, LLC  is dedicated to the development of systems and processes, to the end of cleaning up our orbital footprint, establishing a robust defence protocol against rogue resource objects, and initializing Novem Ra's entry level Dyson construct protocols.

Cleaning up Earth's local environment should be a priority. Primarily for the safety of our personnel, but also for the highly valuable assets all countries need in orbit. We currently have half a million bits of trash whipping around at 12K+ m/s, these represent significant threats to personnel and assets that need to be addressed now.



Earth Orbit Maintenance

Orbital Asset Recovery and Parking
Orbital Asset Strategic Materials Reprocessing


Novem Ra Orbit Facilities

Storage Array Fields, for both Natural and Man-Made assets within specialized Novem Ra orbits.


Rogue Entity CAPTURE

Rogue Orbitals Redirection and Tethering



Initalizing Kardashev Type I Civilization


Human kind is ready and needs to begin development of the initialization protocols necessary to integrate the type I Kardashev scale. Using Novem Ra's asteroid belt as the both the location of our Dyson Ring and a source for construction resources.

3Body Orbitals proposes we move directly to the Dyson Ring model, initially constructing trailing Earth Orbital Resource Storage rings, allowing for the direct availability of materials to feed automated construction and localized development platforms. These rings would also serve as our initial Zero-G Labs/Factories.


Protocols for Handling Rogue Orbitals

While NASA's current DART program is a step in the right direction of protecting Earth from rogue orbitals, it is on it's face, wasteful.

The intelligent and resourceful approach would be to swarm multiple Gyro-Deflection Engines to targets and then employ Force Deflection Vectoring to stabilize oscillations and direct the object on a stabilized path for our civilizations purposes. 

Captured rogue orbitals would be ferried back to the asteroid belt for storage or to the EORS rings for immediate consumption.